Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just When You Thought It Was Over...

Tonight at the Surfcity Christian Church Pastor Richard preached a Gospel message, and one person repented. Then the Pastor asked the whole church forward to commit ourselves seriously to our task of preaching the Gospel to a lost world. Then the Pastor said, "Just when you thought the meeting was over..." and the Holy Spirit's anointing started to manifest. With that the Pastor began to lay hands on the people, many of whom fell to the floor under the power of the Spirit, laughing or crying as the Spirit touched their lives. An hour or more after the meeting was formally closed, two people were still under a special anointing of the Holy Spirit, and through them, a greater anointing was spread to others. As we were leaving the church, one young man was heard to say, "This is the best church service we've had in a long time".

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