Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good Timing Again

On the way to Paul and Gina's house, I wanted to stop by the Trinity Theological College Library to read some journals and letters of John Wesley and George Whitefield.

Whilst I was enjoying my reading, the Holy Spirit said, "Go now" - even though there was some time left before the library would be closing for the day.

So I left, and drove over to Paul and Gina's. When I knocked on the door, Gerald said, "We only just got home one minute ago ourselves".

Then I was able to offer Paul's mother and sister a lift home, after they visited Paul's father.

It seems during this nine-day trip to Ipswich, the Lord wanted to surround me with all the people whom I'd led to the Lord, to encourage me.

Scott Donald even told me that I would be amazed to know the fruit that has come from our witness at Bremer State High School. He said that he himself would easily be touching 10,000 lives in China.

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