Thursday, September 21, 2006

Answered Prayer

Whilst waiting for an Ipswich train at Roma Street Station, I asked the Lord for a good conversation with somebody on the way. Before I even finished praying, a young man came and sat beside me on the platform.

I held the tract, "Where Will You Spend Eternity" in my hand, so I asked him, "Do you like reading?" He glanced at the title in my hand, thought about it, then said, "I'll give it a go". So I handed him the tract.

After the first paragraph, I could tell he was beginning to lose attention. He accidentally dropped the tract. Then he picked it up and, without continuing to read any more, he asked me, "Do you want me to give this back to you so you can give it to somebody else?"

Then began one of the best witnessing times I've had in a long time. He was interested enough to want to sit with me and continue our conversation when our train arrived. All the way until Indooroopilly Station, I shared Jesus with him. I could tell he was being really impacted by the truth of what I was sharing. When the time came where he had to get off the train, he said he felt sorry that we weren't able to continue our conversation.

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