Friday, September 15, 2006

Good News Fellowship

Last Sunday I felt led to drop-by the Good News Fellowship (Riverview) in the afternoon, even though their usual sevice is held on Sunday mornings.

I telephoned Paulo's house first, whereupon his wife Lorinda said that I could see Paulo rightaway at the Centre, as he was running their children's program, followed by a special Bbq, at that very moment.

Soon after I arrived, Pastor Paulo asked me if I would like to share a word with the children. I followed him inside, and immediately began to share Jesus with the children. I talked about answered prayer; about heaven; about my vision of Jesus and about my school days - and we opened-up the time for Jesus to touch their lives in a real way.

I thought of singing the song, "Into my heart, into my heart, come into my heart, Lord Jesus", but I first asked if one of the leaders could suggest a suitable song. Steve answered, "There is a song called 'Into my heart'."

I could see that one of the parents in particular was also being touched by the word as well as by the Lord. Afterwards he approached me to say, "I was really touched. I haven't been involved in church much for a long time - things happened - but now I really need to get back into it".

Paulo invited me home for a roast dinner with his wonderful family. He said it was really good timing when I turned-up, because due to interruptions, he'd been unable to prepare a message for the children.

On the way, I had asked the Lord to give me a personal word for Paulo and Lorinda. As we sat around the table, they shared the good news regarding the growth of their work in Riverview (they now have 40 in regular attendance, including children).

I said, "I see a vision that the growth of the branches has begun to be above the wall". Lorinda said, "That's really encouraging". You could sense their delight in many of their people whom God has sent to them to shepherd.

Paulo and Lorinda have been faithful. Their time of reward shall surely come.

The church is blessed with the use of an excellent facility on acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. (This is the building that was originally, superbly built by Evangelist Geoff Ramsay of Harvest Rain Ministries).

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