Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Voice of the Holy Spirit

I was walking down the street in Taree, NSW, on my way to take a look at the Manning River. Suddenly the Holy Spirit said, "Stop. Turn right." It was quite an arresting voice.

So I turned right, instead of continuing on down the street to the river. I got a little way up the street, and then stopped. I asked the Lord why He led me here. I looked up, and noticed an indigenous radio station across the road named Naralingi.

Straightaway I crossed the street, and walked in.

A receptionsist asked, "Can I help you?" I proceeded to tell her that I had travelled to Taree with an aboriginal Pastor for meetings, and asked whether the station would like to interview him.

They were keen, so Pastor Francis Bundock and I came back and did a live interview. We even took our guitar into the interview and sang live. The interviewer was impressed that a non indigenous person and an indigenous person were working together.

After the interview, one of the staff out the back said all the hairs on her arms were standing up. She was touched by the anointing.

We also met someone later that night who had heard our interview.

Pastor Francis took a casette recording of his interview back home to Muli Muli, with rejoicing.

When I walked in off the street, the staff at the station didn't know Pastor Francis, much less me. But we ended up doing three live interviews in two stations.

That's an example of what can happen when you heed the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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