Saturday, October 31, 2009

Power to Be Witnesses

One Sunday morning I was sitting up the back in church, when suddenly I received an impression about the number three - and the words 'back pain'. I remember saying to myself, "I think I've got a word of knowledge" (I Cor.12).

At that very moment, the preacher on the platform, Evangelist Stuart Gramenz, said, "Somebody here has got a word of knowledge."

I waved and said out loud from the back of the church, "I think it's me! I'm getting the number three, and back pain."

"You put your hand on your lower back," said the preacher, "so, anyone here with lower back pain?" he asked the congregation.

And three people put their hands up.

"Go back to him and he'll pray for you," he told them.

So the three people came to me, and I laid hands on each one.

One of the men told me he was born with an unformed disc in his spine.

"Which disc is it?" I asked.

"Number three from the bottom," he said.

I knew this was the man the Holy Spirit had spoken to me about. so I laid hands on him.

Years later I was ministering in the town of Boonah, Queensland, and I saw one of those men again.

"Do you remember praying for my back?" he asked, "I'd had back pain for many years," he said, "and it's been real good ever since".

Then he asked, "Do you remember the man with the unformed disc? He is a friend of mine, and it was his first time ever to attend church - so it was a marvellous testimony to him."

Praise the Lord. Jesus has given us POWER to be witnesses to Him.

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