Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jesus is Your Answer

Ever since I was saved at the age of twelve, I've been going out witnessing on the streets at night. One young man who we led to the Lord took us to pray for his sick mother. She was lying in bed, sick of a kidney disease. So we laid hands on her and spoke healing in Jesus' Name. I can remember how appreciative and happy she was.

She went back to her doctor, and he found she was healed. "What did you do?" he asked her.

She answered, "These boys came and put hands on me, and..."

"Well whatever they're doing, tell them to keep doing it," said her doctor, "because it's working!"

She gave her life to Jesus, and not only did Jesus heal her kidneys - he also forgave her sins, and began to heal her from a lifetime of troubles. Many years later she is still loving the Lord!

Jesus loves you too and He is your answer - for sin, sickness and heartache.

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