Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Car

Last December when my car's Registration was due, I felt led to pay it. And the Lord provided the exact amount of money at the exact time.

However, despite paying my rego, I also sensed in my spirit that by some time early in the new year I would be driving a different, newer, blue car.

By the time March 1st came around, I started wondering what would become of my vision.

That very day, when I set out from Ipswich to drive home to the Gold Coast, I knew it was right that I'd planned to leave Ipswich and set out to drive home, however I couldn't get it clear in my spirit that I would actually drive all the way home to the Gold Coast.

So I wondered whether I should first visit a friend in Brisbane on the way home or something - however that didn't feel right either. I didn't feel led to go anywhere else on the way home.

So I just kept doing the one thing that I knew I was meant to do, and that was to keep driving as if I was going home. Meanwhile, I was wondering what would end-up happening.

And minutes later, my car broke down, and had to be towed back to Ipswich. I walked to Redbank Station, caught two trains and a taxi home to the Coast.

The mechanic phoned the next day with the verdict that it wouldn't be viable to fix the engine. So I sold the car to the wreckers. Over the phone, the wreckers had offered me between $50 and $150 for the car. But in prayer, I claimed $200. When I arrived, the wreckers changed their tone and offered me $200!

A couple of days later, when I arrived home after having been at the beach with some friends - parked in front of our house was a newer, blue car - just like what I'd seen in the vision.

It so happened that some friends of my sister's who had been using her car got a new job that included a company car - so they had no use for her car anymore - and they delivered it to our house.

God's timing was as usual, perfect - without any effort on my part.


Now I know why the Lord had led me some time ago to add my vehicle to my father's RACQ Membership - the Lord knew I was going to need a tow.

Also, the $200 I got from the wreckers, plus the refunded unused Rego, plus the refund of the RACQ membership - added up to the exact amount and came in such perfect timing for me to be able to do something else which the Lord gave me opportunity to do.

What is more, I had been feeling some concern that I had only been able to teach my nephew David to drive using my automatic car - but now I can teach him to drive a manual.

God is perfect in all His ways!

And He is perfectly concerned about everything that has to do with you too.

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