Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do Christians Keep the Standard of the Law?

There are two roads from Brisbane to Sydney: the Pacific Highway or the New England Highway. No matter which highway you take, the destination is still Sydney.

God gave Israel two covenants: the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Both Covenants were designed with the same objective - to show us the way to righteousness; and the lifestyle under both Covenants can be summarized the same way - walking in love.

The Law covered many facets and topics in life, showing Israel practically what it means to walk in love - both toward God and toward one's fellow man.

The Gospel empowers believers to fulfill the righteousness of the Law, for God diffused His love-nature into our new hearts by the Holy Spirit when we were regenerated, enabling us to walk in love, which is the fulfilling of the intent or principles of the Law.

Therefore being in Christ has empowered us to walk in the lifestyle that was modelled for us by the Law.

If our vehicle isn't strong enough to take the first highway to Sydney, thankfully there is a newer, better highway we can take - but the destination is still the same.

In the same way, being free from the Law doesn't mean that God scrapped the original standard that He has for us: His standard for life is the only way of life that works. It just means He gave us a better and more powerful way to actually be able to live that lifestyle - which is the lifestyle of love.

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