Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bald Eagle

Paul said, "We know in part".

Each of us knows in part.

If we are different from each other, it is because God made us different from each other.

God's call on your life will bring with it some unique aspects of revelation that are intrinsic to your call.

Another brother may have some strong revelations of truth in a completely different subject - because of the unique strengths of his personality and his unique call.

Your Pastor will have some unique things revealed to him because of the diversity which God gave him.

There are some things which I may currently be weak to comprehend, so perhaps God's attitude is to atleast use me in the areas that I am able to understand, rather than not use me at all.

Different people may appear to have conflicting doctrines, when really, they may be but different shades of the larger truth.

So when we put it all together - when we combine all the aspects of truth that each of us are currently seeing and being taught by the Lord (even though God may be leading each of us into unique functions) we find that we are each seeing but different wavelengths (colours) of the same spectrum. We each know in part.

We each have differing abilities to see different extremities of wavelengths. We each have a different destiny that is so suited to our unique make-up, therefore with each of us, God may currently be emphasizing those aspects of truth that are appropriate to where we are at on our unique journey.

The Lord may be leading your brother in a different way to how He is leading you.

God may currently be revealing certain shades of truth to you which another person may not be seeing at this current stage of their journey.

(If this person is someone you once felt you had much in common with during an earlier phase of your journey, you may now feel like you are going in slightly different directions to that person. That's ok. You and her are designed to go in a slightly different direction. We all are designed to go in a slightly different direction. Our differences become more obvious as we grow. And that's a healthy sign.)

When two children were in kindergarten, they were attracted to each other because their circumstances had much in common. The basis of their relationship was their common circumstances.

Then when they became adults, they naturally grew apart from each other, as God took them in entirely different directions - different careers, different thoughts, even different locations.

Today those two adults now have a more mature basis for their relationship. Their relatioship is no longer based on mutually meeting each other's need for companionship, like children attending the same kindergarten. Now their relationship is based on a mutual admiration - from a distance, if circumstances dictate - of each other's God-given uniqueness, excellence, differences, and beauty. And they are sympathetic towards any weaknesses the other person may have in their development, as much as they celebrate each other's differing areas of excellence and strength. They celebrate each other's differing areas of prowess without expecting perfection of each other.

During their adolescent training phase, the two people's circumstances may grow distant from each other, compared to the commonality they had while in kindergarten. But sooner or later, they will start to feel attracted to each other again, not because they are the same anymore, but because they are different.

I look at the delicate, lovely, little birds that frolick in our back yard. Sometimes I wonder is it fair that God made them so much incomparably weaker than the bald eagle. Yet God provides for them just the same.

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