Friday, November 24, 2006


The Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Paul Pisasale invited the Ipswich Ministers' Fraternal to hold a Christian celebration in conjunction with the Naturalization Ceremony last night.

The people who became Australian Citizens last night came from countries including the USA, England, Wales, South Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Kazakstan.

A free Bible was presented to each new citizen by the Church of Christ. Last night the 500th Bible was given away since the Church of Christ started doing this.

A free BBQ was provided by the Salvation Army. I spoke with Fred and Christine Muiys, John Hunt, Andrew Wales, Elwyn Denman and John and Lota Coyle; and I also saw Tala and another school friend.

(I remember the day, years ago, when Paul Pisasale responded on an alter call and knelt down - when the Ipswich Assembly of God held a city-wide event with the Power Team.)

There were a few hundred believers gathered for the Citizenship ceremony, singing, worship and prayer for the city.

It was good to see the combination of church and state in action. It is good when the decision to hold a combined churches event was made by the legislators of the city.

The Mayor asked Pastor Mark Edwards to write a prayer for the city (click to enlarge):

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