Friday, November 24, 2006

I Thought It Would Be Nice

A couple of months ago when Pastor Fred Muiys told me about a combined-churches event to take place in Ipswich in November in co-operation with the Ipswich City Council, I said, "I would like to go to that". My spirit had spoken it.

Well that event was last night. In the morning it seemed difficult for me to go because I thought I only had enough money to buy a one-way train ticket, even if I withdrew all available funds from my bank accounts. But I was determined to go, because I knew what my spirit had spoken about going, months before.

I knew if I bought a one-way ticket, God would somehow provide for my return journey. Nevertheless I was thinking how nice it would be to simly be able to buy my return ticket upfront.

Well before going to the train station, I cleared-out my three bank accounts of all the available funds - and lo and behold it amounted to 20c above the price of a return ticket!

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Teena Boota said...

Hello John!

My Aunty was on the internet and came across your website. I kind of know you as we had met very briefly on a number of occasions, at Mulli Mulli Mission and when you came to my parents place in Beaudesert. The Boota's household.

Reading your stories i am still amazed at the way the LORD works in our lives and how he has worked in yours. The car story was a blessing. Nice car too! Anyway just want to say keep up the good work in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your friend in Christ

PS Will have a webpage soon...will keep you updated