Monday, October 30, 2006

God is Able to Make it Comfortable

To get to the birthday party using public transport, I would need to catch two buses, one train, walk, and then get a lift with a friend the rest of the way. Then I would need to get a lift home with two people whom I don't know. John Coyle asked me to let him know my intentions, so he could arrange the lift home. But I felt held back in my spirit about locking-in the plan.

When the day of the party came, I told the Lord that I would much prefer it if I could instead drive straight to the party then straight home.

That morning when my sister heard that I was going to Ipswich, she informed me that she was also planning to go to Ipswich to visit a friend of her's. So she picked me up in her car, dropped me at the party, then drove me home again.

Then ten dollars which Jacek gave me two days before was ample provision for the toll.

God is willing to make it as comfortable as possible for us, when we but ask.

I was impressed with the beauty and sincerity of Cathleen's heart, at this her 18th birthday party.

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