Saturday, January 12, 2008

Prepared of my Father

Yesterday I woke up in the morning sensing that I was to go somewhere and stay overnight. I prayed about it for about half an hour, and then when I got out of bed I had some ideas about where I could possibly go, but something said, Don't do anything about it.

All day long I had this sense that I was meant to go somewhere and stay overnight, but also that I wasn't meant to do anything about it. I even saw a vision of an unusual-shaped mountain.

Much later in the day - after 8:30pm - my mobile phone rang. Before I even knew what it was about, the Holy Spirit told me, Say yes.

It was Kristian, and he asked me if I want to go to Byron.

So within half an hour he came around and we were on our way. We joined several international groups of YWAMers for an outreach, then we all spent the night in the local Assemblies of God church.

The next afternoon on our way home, Kristian took a detour to a lookout, and in the distance I saw the unusual shaped mountain I'd seen in the vision. Seeing it was a little reminder that the overnight trip was something that had been prepared for me of my Father.

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