Saturday, January 26, 2008

He is My Friend

Today I felt a little lonely because many of my family are away (Peter and family are in the Philippines, and Jill and family are in Yamba). So I decided to go for a drive somewhere.

But I felt the Lord restrain me from going. I didn't understand why He would want to keep me in the house, when I know He heard my sigh for the fellowship of a friend.

Shortly afterwards the phone rang. It was Pastor Jonas, telling me that Pastor Ben Menoc was online and wanting to chat with me.

"He really wants to talk to you," explained Pastor Jonas, "he is my friend, he said."

Now I know why God restrained me from going for a drive. When it is the fellowship of a friend I want, God is able to give it to me from 5,000km away.

He wants me to learn never to fret.

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