Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More on the Art of Receiving

Some More Lessons on Receiving:

Once at my home church our Pastor showed a video of Benny Hinn teaching on paying the price for the anointing, the price being prayer.

At the end of the video-sermon, people streamed to the front to pray. Many of the adults were agonizing in prayer, kneeling, crying, becoming intense. They reminded me of something like an elephant trying to squeeze through a keyhole.

Meanwhile there was a group of very young teenagers out the front who weren't kneeling or agonizing, they were standing, they were even interacting and smiling at each other, just totally enjoying the Lord!

Like children playing around a water fountain, they took turns at laying hands on each other, and receiving, and standing behind incase the one being ministered to had difficulty standing. They were feeling totally acceptable to God and laughed with glee.

Eventually, their youth pastor at the time (not the current youth pastor) came and told them to stop. But I thought: "Who out of this group really know how to receive [the anointing]? I looked at those striving, moaning, groaning adults then - it looks like these kids do!"

To these kids, the whole thing was the Father's invitation to step in and freely enjoy everything His anointing has to give, and they came with acceptance up to His altar.

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