Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mesopotamian Kebab

Today after dropping David and mum at the airport to visit Jill, Michael and PJ in Melbourne, David's first plane trip, and after spending a little time at home with Dad, I desired to go out and eat, and hopefully to have some fellowship with the brethren. I specifically desired Josh Burton's company.

I thought of going to Hungry Jacks, however on the way, I began to desire a Kebab, and I felt led to go to the Mesopotamian Kebabs at Broadbeach.

So I drove there, parked, and began walking towards the Kebab shop.

As I was walking along the footpath, I wondered what my answer would be if I happened to see some different people I know elsewhere before I got there: would I stop and stay with them instead?

Seconds later I heard this, "Hello John!"

It was Bennett, Carl and Pastor Erica sitting at a Japanese Restaurant, and Bennett invited me to join them - exactly the scenario I'd imagined.

It was a difficult decision, but I decided to stick with my original impression of going for a Kebab.

After I left them, I nearly felt like going back. But when I turned the corner, there, outside the shop, with Kebabs in their hands, was the towering presence of Michael Barrett, and with him, Josh Burton, Kristian, Ari, Kiwi and others. It was a bonanza! I rejoiced.

I had no idea anyone from church was going to be at Broadbeach that night, but God knew, and He led me there, to fulfill my desire for a Kebab and for fellowship, with the very people with whom I'd desired it - and others besides: for a crowd from Generation Church and Dreamcentre turned up as well, a few of whom I knew, like Rachel, Gareth, and Karla.

After the Kebabs, the others crossed the road to Starbucks, but I felt led not to. I walked up to the Coffee Club, had a nice talk to Jacek who works there, and there I saw Brett and Steve Corrigan who is down for a week from Emerald for Colin's wedding to Trudy next weekend, in which he is the groomsman. Sarah was with them too. We all walked back to Starbucks together for more fellowship. By this time Bennett and Karl had turned up, so I got to talk to them anyway, although Pastor Erica had gone home.

What a wonderful God is Jesus!

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