Sunday, January 28, 2007

Japanese Church

Dad preached a wonderful Australia Day message. He said that throughout Australia's history, God was working towards creating a country that gives you and I - including visitors from Japan - the opportunity to receive the Kingdom of God.

I also met a Japanese lady who told me a wonderful testimony. She said she became a Christian several months ago, and one day when she was alone praying, she began speaking with tongues. At first she was afraid, because she didn't even know there was any such thing as speaking with tongues. But now she understands, and she prays in tongues all the time.

She also has many strong experiences of the Lord's presence. And she says the Lord has led her to begin studying theology.

Her whole face lights up for joy.

"But why me?" she asks, "I'm already 50 years old!"

"Praise the Lord," we both said.

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