Monday, January 18, 2010

Intimacy With Christ is the Key to Fruitfulness

Are you looking for breakthroughs in your church? family? personal life? community?

Our Pastor told us yesterday that God said to him, "Break through to Me - and you'll automatically receive those other breakthroughs you are looking for".

So, instead of prancing the floor, praying for breakthroughs, in our prayer meetings, we've been still - allowing God Himself to melt us and bring us into closer intimacy with Him.

And almost immediately, in our church, we've started seeing every one of the breakthroughs our Pastor has been desiring.

Souls came to the Lord - seven last Sunday morning. Broken hearts were mended. The Holy Spirit manifested His gifts in the meeting.

If you faithfully glean in Jesus' field - cling to Him in intimacy - He will notice you, and He'll act to guarantee your desired destiny!

Our Pastor shared the analogy: like a wife who says to her husband, "Just hold me"; and like a husband who asks after a minute, "For how long? I'm getting tired." Similarly, sometimes our flesh doesn't like to just wait in intimacy upon the Lord - so often our flesh wants to DO something. Yet that intimacy with God is exactly what we need.

Breakthrough to God; and He'll take care of those breakthroughs you need: in your personal life; family; church; ministry/business and community.

Since our thrice-daily prayer meetings this week have been more about drawing near to God than about storming heaven with our petitions, it started me thinking about the style of modern church services.

Imagine if Sunday morning services all around the world existed primarily for ministering unto the Lord, rather than to the congregation - although that's important too. I'm sure we'd see God break through and minister to the people!

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