Monday, December 17, 2007

The Answer to this World's Political Problems

World leaders are meeting to discuss a roadmap for peace in the Middle East.

Bloggists are debating how to solve Australian reconciliation issues.

Industrial relations are split into left and right.

I was asked how I would end the violence in Iraq.

I was asked whether I have the answer.

I said, "Sure I do."

If every one of us were like Jesus, there'd be no problem, would there.

It would solve the Middle East crisis.

It would end the lawlessness in Iraq.

It could have averted the American Civil War.

It would eliminate the barriers to reconciliation. It would answer the question of indigenous policy.

It would solve every relationship problem.

It would solve every problem faced by mankind in every generation.

If we all had the heart of Jesus.

But not everyone in the world has the heart of Jesus - yet. But the time will come when He that shall come will come. In that day He will uproot the wicked like tares from among wheat and the righteous shall shine like the sun forever upon the earth.

But for the time being the children of the wicked continue alongside the children of the Kingdom. And that's why we still experience trouble in this world.

Why doesn't the righteous Judge come straightaway? Because He is longsuffering and not willing that any should perish. His patience gives sinners space to repent. If not for His mercy, who among us would have been saved?

Nevertheless history is moving towards that great day when, after He shall have put down all authority and rule, He shall then destroy the last enemy which is death. Jesus is the answer even to the problem of death!

Until then let's be patient in tribulation and continue to be like Jesus, in order to attain to the resurrection from the dead and to enter into His eternal Kingdom. That is our heavenly calling. Our calling is heavenly. Our citizenship is in heaven.

Until then we shine as lights in the world.

"As He is, so are we in this world."

You might be surprised to know how much difference the salt and light is making.


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