Monday, October 08, 2007

The Key to the Move of the Holy Spirit

Something I've learned is: the Holy Spirit wants to move in our meetings - and the key to seeing a manifestation of the Spirit in a meeting is something PRACTICAL rather than spiritual.

The key is: simply GIVE HIM TIME to move.

The key is not necessarily that we need to fast 40 days.

It may not be that we need to intercede more.

It may not be that we need to wait a little longer for the sovereign timing of God.

If we'll just give the Holy Spirit TIME in the meeting - on purpose - Jesus will start touching people's lives.

Welcoming the Holy Spirit is not achieved by singing a song such as "Welcome Holy Spirit".

Neither is it achieved when a leader on the stage says, "You are welcome in this place Holy Spirit".

It is not achieved when a preacher prays before his sermon, "Holy Spirit we want you to have your way."

Holding an all-night prayer meeting to ask the Holy Spirit to move is not necessarily welcoming the Holy Spirit either.

Welcoming the Holy Spirit is achieved by PRACTICALLY giving Him time during the service to do whatever He wants.

And I don't mean to just keep praising and worshiping a little longer than usual. That's not welcoming the manifestation of the Spirit either. In fact, singing can get in the way - because singing and allowing the Holy Spirit to move are two completely different functions. While we keep giving to God through our praise and worship (while we are doing something else) the Holy Spirit waits. But as soon as we open-up the meeting for Him to start giving to us, or to manifest His presence in special ways, or to use us, then the congregation is free to start RECEIVING.

In the same way that love isn't love until it's expressed (and faith isn't faith until it's acted) - so welcoming the Holy Spirit is not really welcoming Him until the welcome becomes practical. And when we make it practical - He'll start doing the things that He showed up to do.

And you'll be thrilled with what happens.

Believe it! And believing it means, act it.

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